Drive In Racking

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Drive In Racking Drive In Racking Drive In Racking Drive In Racking
Drive In Racking
Maximise warehouse capacity with deep storage for efficient use of space
  • Ideal for bulk storage
  • Provides the most efficient use of available space
  • Aisles may be dedicated to single products and product styles
  • Offers easy access with standard forklifts - no special handling equipment required
  • Ideal for seasonal goods where input and output take place at different times
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Rows of pallet storage lanes are arranged with operating aisles between them to allow transport and access to each lane.

Ideal for a small product range but a large number of pallets.

Operates on a Last In First Out (LIFO) product arrangement. It allows access to 50% of goods when stored two deep.

Custom designed to suit your needs and building size. Lanes from 2 to 10 deep, however systems over 7 deep should be considered carefully to minimise pallet handling difficulties, ensuring pallet turnover and storage position losses are minimised.

Space Utilisation: Storage area 68% / operating area 32%.