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  • Supply Chain
    Supply Chain Consultation

    Storepro Plus provides supply chain management consulting services to improve the performance of your warehouse.

    With more than 50 years of relevant industry experience, our Storepro Plus team can assist you with:
    • Procurement and purchase planning for inventory
    • Operational processes / picking / inwards /order entry/ customer services
    • Supply chain health checks
    • Warehouse racking design configurations
    • Warehouse Management Software (WMS) selection and implementation
    • Warehouse relocation project management
    • Provide real time support to enable you to utilise all the functionality in your current supply chain software

    Storepro Plus works as an integrated service with Storepro’s core business to ensure our products and storage designs are in line with operational best practice.

  • Bespoke Design
    Bespoke Design

    Storepro Solutions in-house design team will ensure the configuration of your storage solution ticks all your boxes, while also meeting stringent safety requirements.

    Our designers are industry experts who understand our clients, our products and the ins and outs of racking compliance. They know that smart solutions begin with understanding your needs and objectives, which is why they work closely alongside your account manager and our independent engineering teams right from the get go. We often have clients tell us that they’ve saved thousands by using our storage solutions, that we’ve increased their productivity, efficiency and capacity. We can help you too.

    “Our business needed more storage urgently and had been told by two different racking companies that it was not possible. Then came along Storepro, suddenly we had created at least another 50% capacity in our warehouse. Along with this Storepro was able to position the racking in a way that we could now effectively use a walkie stacker which has saved countless hours and made things much more efficient. Would recommend to all.” Brodie Caldwell, Decrastrip
  • Compliance Facilitation
    Compliance Facilitation

    Compliance is a complex process to understand. It takes into consideration a wide range of factors, including what you are storing, where you are located, who occupies the building next door, how many people work in your office and how you operate.

    At Storepro, it’s our business to understand your business, and all the ins and outs of compliance. If you choose to work with Storepro, our in-house design and independent engineering teams make it easy for you to ensure standards are met, without compromising on your business goals.

    The process

    Whether you choose to have Storepro assist and guide you in obtaining building consent, or you prefer to go at it alone, it’s important to understand the consent process. This usually begins with a series of Producer Statements (PS), which the council relies on to ensure your racking complies with NZ building codes.

    • PS 1: A PS1 covers the design stage of the project. Once Storepro has completed the design of your racking, one of our independent registered engineers will conduct a detailed evaluation to ensure it complies with NZ building codes.
    • PS 2: A PS2 is a peer review of the design by another registered engineer. In most cases, a PS2 is only required for anything over 4m high or that’s considered high risk.
    • PS 3: Following the installation of your racking, Storepro will complete a PS3. Its purpose is to ensure the racking has been installed as per the design and confirms the standards of the PS1 have been met.
    • PS 4: The final stage is a PS4, which is an onsite review of the installation by the same independent registered engineer who completed the PS1. They’ll check the racking installation and confirm the project has been completed in accordance with the PS1.

    Other reports: You may also be required to support your application with additional information including fire, emergency lighting and slab reports, and a building warrant of fitness.

    Code compliance certificate (CCC): Within a maximum of 12 months of receiving your Building Consent, you need to apply to the council to obtain your Code Compliance Certificate. It’s important to provide all required documentation with your CCC application – including your producer statements and any additional documents the council has requested – to ensure it is processed efficiently.

    Find out about our design and safety standards

    Read Aaron Young’s blog, ‘The Comprehensive Guide to Racking Compliance

  • Installation

    At Storepro Solutions, we believe only the highest standard of workmanship will do. That’s why we use our own qualified, trained staff and subcontractors to install our racking and shelving systems. Our team take pride in their work and it shows.

    Our in-house installation team includes some of the most experienced and reputable people in the industry. Their ability to problem solve on the spot means you can get on with your day to day business, without unnecessary disruptions.

    "Storepro recently completed a full racking installation in our Auckland timber dry store building. The installation proceeded quickly without causing us undue disruption as we had to clear the warehouse in stages. Essentially, we were impressed with all aspects of Storepro’s performance and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them, so much so that we are about to embark on another project involving the racking of a significant area of our external yard." Gareth Williams | General Manager | Akarana Timbers
    On-site health and safety

    We’re committed to on-site health and safety, not just for the benefit our employees, but for yours too. Our installation service includes:

    • Conducting a full risk analysis at the start of each job
    • Completing all relevant site inductions
    • Ensuring staff on-site are qualified in Working at Heights
    • Ensuring staff are fully licensed before operating machinery
    • Providing all on-site staff with personal protective clothing
  • Project Management
    Project Management

    Our end to end project management service ensures every detail of your racking project is carefully managed, that all your requirements are facilitated and that it’s delivered on time and on budget.

    We’ll manage everything from initial consultation, through to design, delivery, installation, working in with third party suppliers and independent contractors, assisting with consents, and conduct on-going maintenance and auditing. It’s all part of ensuring you get a value-added service: all the benefits, without the headaches.

    "EDL has recently completed their biggest operations project in history: the move into our new distribution centre with a new racking structure designed, planned and provided by Storepro. The consultation and flexibility around the design work and planning has been excellent and even last minute ad-hoc changes were realised very quickly. The project combined existing racking from 2 disestablished warehouses and also new racking technology and was an intense 6 week project with lots of operational challenges which were handled really well by [Storepro’s] team. We now have a futureproof warehouse layout that our team loves." Darryn Trollip | Managing Director | EDL Fasteners Ltd
    Our projects

    We’ve been involved in managing thousands of racking solutions. No matter what you are storing, the size of your space, or your priorities, we have the expertise and the experience to help you. From big to small, we do it all.

    Check out some of the businesses we’ve helped. View our case studies here.

  • Maintenance & Repairs
    Audits, Repairs & Maintenance

    Maintenance and repairs play a vital role in the longevity, safety and cost-effectiveness of your storage solution.

    We’re able to provide you with an on-site racking inspection service, carried out by a professional with many years of hands-on experience.

    Comprehensive audit reports

    After inspecting your racking, we provide a written audit report which is based on AS4084, SEMA and NZ Seismic Building Codes. This report advises whether it should be repaired immediately, monitored, requires on-going monitoring, or minor maintenance.

    Providing preventative measures

    Preventative measures are vital in today's workplace to ensure OSH compliance and employee safety. Should your racking be in an unsafe or in a faulty state, we provide a complete maintenance and repair service.

    Repair and protect

    Before you go to the expense of replacing your racking, we can advise whether repair is an economical alternative. Damaged posts can be repaired, beams can easily be replaced, and post protectors can be installed to make sure it does not happen again.

  • Second-hand Buy Back
    Second-hand Buy Back

    If you’ve got old and redundant racking that you no longer require, there’s a chance we can take it off your hands. Through our business, Surplus Racking, we can offer a trade-in service.

    Click here to be redirected to the Surplus Racking website

    Often discarded racking or shelving is in good usable condition so long as it is disassembled with the expert care our team of installers employ.

    Surplus Racking specialises in rescuing disused or unwanted storage systems from going to the scrap yard.


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